Leasing Made Easy

Leasing a vehicle can be a difficult decision but here at Baywest Mitsubishi our service team makes the leasing process as smooth as possible by providing you with quality expert advice as well as the most competitive rates currently available.

Whether your in the market for a new vehicle or a quality pre-owned Mitsubishi, our experts are on hand to answer all your questions.

Leasing a car has some true benefits that are worth taking into consideration when it comes to finding your next vehicle. Whether it’s lower monthly lease payments and sales tax, the ability to upgrade sooner or reduced repair costs thanks to the factory warranty, the benefits are numerous and with fluctuation in gas prices, it’s always nice to know that an upgrade to an electric vehicle maybe plausible sooner then later.

Past that, Baywest Mitsubishi also often provide lease cash discounts as an incentive so there’s never a shortage in savings. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if your car depreciates faster then you’d expect it has no effect on your lease? Well with Baywest Mitsubishi leasing there’s no need to worry. We accept the vehicle at the end of the lease term and often offer the option of purchasing the vehicle at that point so should you choose to buy, the depreciation could actually benefit your purchase cost.

It’s also worth noting that we provide fantastic trade-in incentives, simply fill out our online trade form and let us appraise your current vehicle’s value. With so many cars and SUVs to choose from in our pre-owned and certified pre-owned inventories, there’s no end to the possiblities. See a model you may be interested in financing? Don’t hesistate to contact us today and set up a test drive. It won’t be long before your behind the wheel of the ride of your dreams.


  • You can return your vehicle at the end of your lease for an upgrade
  • Monthly lease payments are often much cheaper then buying a vehicle outright
  • You are eligible for certain lease cash discounts
  • You can update your vehicle within a shorter time frame
  • There’s often no down payment when you lease*
  • You may be able to afford a lease on the vehicle you want whereas you couldn’t if you purchased
  • Your monthly payments are often much lower then finance rates
  • Lower repair costs because you are often still under the factory warranty*
  • You often pay less in sales tax
  • When you lease, a portion of the car’s depreciation costs can be deducted off your taxes**
  • If the car deprciates fast it has no effect on your lease and could actually benefit you if you decide to purchase