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We will give you a true appraisal value for your vehicle right here in store!

Unsure how much your vehicle is worth? Bringing the competitive, urgent auction atmosphere right to our showroom, we will list your vehicle on the EBlock platform during your next visit to find out! Within an hour, you will receive a true value for your trade-in!

Worry Free Process

We'll Take Care of Everything

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Step 1

Vehicle Photos

We will take high quality photos of your vehicle, inside and out, capturing 360 degrees around your vehicle.

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Step 2

Detailed vehicle notes

We will note the condition of your vehicle, including any imperfections, damage or missing items.

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Step 3

Pull the CARFAX Report

We will pull your entire vehicle history using the CARFAX reports system.

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Step 4

List your vehicle

We will list your vehicle on EBlock, free of charge, where it will be viewed by thousands of dealerships nationwide.

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